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Coldwell Banker Individual Short Term Disablity (ISTD) Benefit

Policy Features

ENROLL BY SEP 12, 2019

Important Policy Features

Inability to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation and not working in any other occupation for the duration of the disability.

Benefits begin after 30 days of approved disability.

The maximum monthly benefit is $3,000.

Benefits are provided on a tax-free basis as long as you continue to pay premiums with after-tax dollars.

Coverage is effective the first of the month following receipt of the initial payment.

There is a pre-existing condition of 12/12

Benefits are guaranteed renewable to age 72.

Special Policy Features for Coldwell Banker Agents

Coverage is provided on a guaranteed standard issue basis (i.e. no physical exam is required).

Your coverage is fully portable (i.e. the coverage does not end if you leave the company and continue to pay premiums).