History Of Covala Group

In 1993, Covala Group’s predecessor organization, Winged Keel Group, negotiated with several insurance carriers on behalf of Salomon Brothers to create the first large-scale, voluntary Supplemental Individual Disability Insurance (“IDI”) offering, which involved over 2,500 eligible employees.  This new employee benefit turned out to be a huge success for the employees, for the Human Resources Department, and for us.  Through this experience, we were able to establish a foundation of enrollment strategies and administrative processes that have been refined over the years and continue to generate differentiated results to this day.

In the 24 years since that first Supplemental IDI offering, our firm has been a leader in the design, enrollment and administration of IDI benefits.  We currently administer over 20,000 IDI policies through employer-sponsored offerings, and our client roster includes long-standing relationships with large, nationally known companies.

Our passion is strong, but our approach is simple: we combine highly effective communications, a relentless commitment to incremental process improvement, and a client-specific team of capable, friendly, and well-trained staff to assure consistent high-quality service to employees while removing the administrative burden from human resource teams.