Quality Service

Employees eligible for an individual disability insurance benefit expect highly informed, responsive, and high quality service.  These employees are accustomed to superior service and become frustrated when they do not receive it.

Our enrollment processes and systems are differentiated by the delivery of this high quality service.  Following are some examples:


High Quality Service:

  • Multiple quality checks on all written communications before release.
  • Multiple quality checks on all applications and policies before policies are delivered.


Highly Informed Service:

  • All questions about employee’s Group LTD answered in addition to individual policy questions.
  • Policy comparisons – private policies vs. corporate policy offered – provided upon request.
  • Same team member may help any given employee on multiple calls.
  • Notes from all service inquiries available and stored.


Highly Responsive Service:

  • Every call answered with a human voice.
  • Enrollment materials sent to any given employee by FedEx, e-mail, or fax upon request.