Physician Disability Insurance (DI) Benefit

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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is a Disability Insurance (DI) benefit?  Why would I want it?

Disability insurance is designed to replace your earnings if you are unable to work because of an illness or an accident.  Statistics indicate that long term disability (defined as an accident or sickness that causes a physician to be out of work for more than six months) is a fundamental financial risk.


What should I consider in determining how much, if any, Disability Insurance I should have?

You should consider your sources of income from employment, your savings and other investments.  Next, estimate how much you and your family would need to maintain your standard of living.  In addition, you should consider how much additional annual savings you would need to generate in order to cover education expenses and retirement income.


How does the cost of this Disability Insurance plan compare to other plans?

You are not likely to find comparable coverage at the rates offered here.  PSMA Connect has negotiated a 30% discount from Lloyd’s of London.


What about taxes?

The basic Internal Revenue Service rule is simple: If you pay the premiums with after-tax dollars, any benefits you receive will be income tax-free.  If your company pays the premiums, any benefits you receive will be income taxable.


What is the lump sum benefit?

It means that if solely due to an Accident or Sickness, You are not able to perform the substantial and material duties of Your Occupation and in the opinion of Competent Medical Authority recovery from such disability is not expected, even if You are at work in another occupation.


What is the True Own Occupation Disability definition?

“Your Occupation means the occupation (or occupations, if more than one (1)) in which You are gainfully employed for the majority of the time during the twelve (12) months prior to the time You become disabled. If You have limited Your Occupation to the performance of the substantial and material duties of a single specialty We will deem that specialty to be Your Occupation provided that Your industry widely recognizes that occupation as a specialty.”


What is the term of insurance?

It is the period of time that the policy is non-cancellable.  Neither the terms of the policy nor the premium can be altered by the insurance carrier provided you pay your premium on time during the five year term of insurance.


Can the insurance company turn me down for the policy based on my medical history?

As long as you a) are a PSMA Connect member physician in good standing, b) you are currently working on a full time basis without restrictions or limitations due to injury or sickness and c) you sign up for the benefit by the enrollment deadline, your policy will be issued regardless of your health status.


When is coverage effective?

After receipt of completed application and payment, and the application is approved, coverage is effective the first day of the following month.


Is this policy fully portable?

Yes.  The coverage does not end should you change employers or leave PSMA Connect.  As long as you continue paying premiums directly to the insurance carrier, your coverage will continue, uninterrupted.


Is the enrollment process easy?

Yes!  There are no medical exams, detailed health history questions or financial underwriting.  Simple click on the Enroll Now button to enter your data, see your rates and select your option.  The entire process just takes a few minutes.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes.  You may stop your premium payments at any time.


Is there a “free look” period?

Yes.  If within ten days of receiving your policy you decide you do not want the coverage you may cancel and receive a full refund.


What if I have pre-existing conditions?

If you are currently actively at work you may apply regardless of health history.  Please note that the policy does exclude some pre-existing conditions defined as a condition, disease or injury for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment including but not limited to the use of prescription medication was recommended by or received from a licensed health care practitioner during the three (3) months immediately preceding the Retro Date, and/or any symptom, condition, disease or injury which would have caused an ordinarily prudent person to seek medical attention during the three (3) months immediately preceding the Retro Date, and will remain a Pre-existing Condition until a twelve (12) month period from the Retro Date on this certificate has expired.  No benefits are payable for any disability resulting from a Pre-existing Condition occurring prior to the conclusion of the twelve (12) month period from the Retro Date, even if the disability continues beyond the Pre-existing Condition period.


Are there any other policy exclusions?

Standard policy exclusions not covered by the certificate of insurance include: Suicide or Intentional self inflicted injury or poisoning; committing or attempting to commit a felony; taking illegal or non-prescribed drugs, or addiction or misuse of prescription drugs; alcohol abuse or addiction, or being under the influence of alcohol as defined by the vehicle code of the state or province in which the accident has occurred; mental and/or nervous disorders; pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions; nuclear, biological or chemical exposure as a result of terrorism or war; active participation in terrorism or war.


Is the insurance carrier highly rated?

Yes. Lloyd’s of London’s current Financial Strength Ratings are A+ (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s, AA- (Very Strong) from Fitch Ratings, and A (Excellent) from A.M. Best.


Who is Petersen International Underwriters?

Petersen International Underwriters (PIU) is a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder.  Lloyd’s retains the risks underwritten by PIU through the products (like this one) that PIU designs.


Who is Covala Group?

Covala Group is the administrative services provider for this benefit.  They facilitate enrollment and customer service through this website and other paper and electronic materials.


Who is USI?

USI has served over 150,000 clients meeting their property & casualty, employee benefit, personal risk and retirement needs nationwide.  They negotiated this offer on behalf of PSMA Connect.


I am not a PSMA Connect member – how can I join?

This offer is exclusively for physicians who are members of PSMA Connect, a full service group purchasing organization servicing the alternate care community.  To join PSMA Connect, go to

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